Fear Of Flying

Автор: Jong Erica

Рубрика: Современная проза, Эротика

ERICA JONG’S GLORIOUSLY WICKED, SEXY NOVEL ABOUT THE WAY THINGS OUGHT TO BE FOR A WOMAN…“A PASSIONATE NOVEL… the body wanting sex, sex, sex and love and safety, comfort; the mind wanting freedom, independence, the power to work, to write… very alive and real. It is wonderfully funny and sad, witty and agonizing, brilliant, sensual, serious.”-Hannah Green“The heroine is as sexy as Tom Jones and as outspoken about her sexuality as Portnoy was about his!”– Cleveland Plain Dealer“FOR AN EXHILARATING FUEL-BURNER, A BLAZE OF ONE-WOMAN ENERGY AND SEXUAL PLENTY, FEAR OF FLYING IS DEFINITELY A VEHICLE FOR EXCEEDING ALL LIMITS OF THE OPEN ROAD!”– Village Voice“A FLAMBOYANT SEXUAL IMAGINATION!”– New York TimesFor every woman who ever dreamed of living her sexual fantasies…For every man who still believes women “don’t think like that”…“It is rare these days to come upon a book written by a woman which is so refreshing, so gay and sad at the same time, and so full of wisdom about the eternal man-woman problem.”-Henry Miller“THE MOST OUTRAGEOUSLY ENTERTAINING WOMEN’S LIBRETTO YET, lusty raw material served up by a new writer of great talent!”-Cosmopolitan“A BAWDY, SWAGGERING first novel of fine touches and insightful observations on sex and marriage.”– The Minneapolis Star“SHE’LL TAKE YOU FARTHER FROM HOME THAN YOU EVER DREAMED YOU’D GO. AND AFTER THIS BOOK, THERE MAY NEVER BE A WAY BACK.”-Lois Gould

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