Suite Fran?aise

Автор: N?mirovsky Ir?ne

Рубрика: Историческая проза

– WINNER OF FRANCE'S PRIX RENAUDOT -"A book of exceptional literary quality… it has the kind of intimacy found in the diary of Anne Frank."-The Times Literary Supplement"Heroic… a novel about a nightmare in which the author is entirely embedded."-ANITA BROOKNER, The Spectator"An exceptionally forceful and frank testimony… a real find. A masterpiece."-L'Express"Remarkable as the story of the publication of Suite Fran?aise is, it will finally be of anecdotal interest compared with the importance of the book. Here is the work of a fine novelist at the top of her form, writing about the fate of her adopted country with a pitiless clarity."-Evening Standard

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