Midnight’s Daughter

Автор: Chance Karen

Рубрика: Ужасы и мистика

Серия: Dorina Basarab

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen chance has written a paranormal — with bite.Dorina Basarab is a dhampir — half-human, half-vampire. Unlike most dhampirs, though, Dory has managed to maintain her sanity. Now Dory's vampire father has come to her for help — again. Her Uncle Dracula (yes, the Dracula), cruelest among vampires, has escaped his prison. And her father wants Dory to work with gorgeous master vampire Louis-Cesare to put him back there.Although Dory prefers to work alone, Dracula is the only thing that truly scares her — and when she has to face him, she'll take all the help she can get.

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Рейтинг: 46

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