Bright Lights, Big City

Автор: McInerney Jay

Рубрика: Современная проза

The tragicomedy of a young man in NYC, struggling with the reality of his mother's death, alienation and the seductive pull of drugs.***All messed up and no place to go. It's six a.m., the party's over and reality is threatening to intervene in the frenetic, powder-fuelled existence of a young man who should have everything but might just end up with nothing at all…His wife, a famous model, has left him. His job at a Prestigious Magazine can't last much longer. And the life he's been living in Manhattan's fast lane as if he owned it is about to end. Even a bright young man eventually has to face the biggest question of them all: which is worse, living an illusion – or losing it?

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Рейтинг: 35

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