The Future We Wish We Had

Автор: Greenberg Martin H, Friesner Esther M., Hoyt Sarah A., Freer Dave, Cooper Brenda, Anderson Kevin J., Lickiss Alan L., Frost P. R., Coleman Loren L., Resnick Mike, Kelly James Patrick, Norman Lisanne, Reed Annie, Hyzy Julie, Smith Dean Wesley, Radford Irene, Moesta Rebecca, Rusch Kristine Kathryn

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The future holds endless possibilities…Here are 16 intriguing visions of tomorrowFeatures stories by: Esther M. FriesnerBrenda CooperKevin J. AndersonP. R. FrostMike Resnick and James Patrick KellyLisanne NormanDean Wesley SmithIrene RadfordKristine Kathryn RuschAnd moreFor all of those who thought that by now that they'd be driving along the skyways in their own personal jet car, who assumed that humans would have established bases on the Moon and Mars, or that diseases would have been conqured, the aging process slowed to a crawl, and war eliminated along with social injustice-here are 16 stories of futures that might someday be reality.

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