Beirut Payback

Автор: Pendleton Don

Рубрика: Боевики

Серия: The Executioner

Mack Bolan learns that archenemy Greb Strakhov is in Lebanon. The Executioner has a personal vendetta with the KGB terror merchant.Bolans mission is twofold: to settle the score with Strakhov, and to avenge the 240 U.S. Marines who lie dead in the wake of a suicide-bomber attack. A single life lost is unacceptable to Bolan.But not even the combat-hardened Executioner is prepared for the utter carnage he finds in Beirut. There, Death respects no barriers.In a conflict in which none of the warrior factions seem to want peace, Bolan knows what he has to do. Make sure that the savages instigating the strife are silenced — forever!

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Рейтинг: 180

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