After Silence

Автор: Carroll Jonathan

Рубрика: Современная проза

Год издания: 1993

ANNOTATIONCult favorite Jonathan Carroll has surpassed himself with his first mainstreamnovel. After Silence is an electrifying, unforgettable novel that unfolds with the logic of a Greek tragedy. Carroll writes with uncompromising honesty about how secrets gnaw and kill when truth is just as devastating. FROM THE PUBLISHERIn his late thirties, Max Fischer is a successful cartoonist living in Los Angeles. Scarred by recent love affairs, he is cautious yet intrigued when he meets Lily Aaron and her nine-year-old son Lincoln. Lily, the manager of an offbeat restaurant, devotes her life to raising her son alone. As Max spends time with the Aarons, he falls irresistibly in love with them. The perfect mate, the perfect child – the perfect situation, since they seem to love him, too, with equal intensity. But as soon as Max moves in with the Aarons, he starts to uncover disturbing secrets about Lily. He can find no trace of her ex-husband. Worse, he discovers she has committed a crime so heinous that she has been running from the truth for years. It has been said that the heart does not know from logic. Should Max right Lily's wrong – sacrificing his adoptive family? Or should he look away from the truth? Either choice is devastating.

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Рейтинг: 55

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