Double Impact

Автор: Gerritsen Tess, Webb Debra

Рубрика: Прочие

In a world where nothing is as it seems, who can you trust?TESS GERRITSEN'SNever Say DieWilly Jane Maitland traveled to Saigon to uncover what had happened to her father, missing in action twenty years ago. Instead she found intrigue – and murder. Only the rumpled and irreverent ex-soldier Guy Barnard seemed willing to help. But as Willy was about to discover, even Guy had his hidden motives, his shocking secrets… and Vietnam was a dangerous place to fall in love.DEBRA WEBB'SNo Way BackMichal Arad wanted vengeance when he kidnapped former CIA agent Ami Donovan, claiming she'd posed as his lover to set him up as an assassin. But Ami had amnesia and no way of knowing the truth… until Michal took her in his arms. In spite of her fear, Ami sensed Michal wasn't a ruthless killer, but the man she'd once loved… and the father of her child.

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