Demon Bound

Автор: Kittredge Caitlin

Рубрика: Прочие, Фэнтези

Серия: Black London

Год издания: 2009

Jack Winter's deadly past has come back to haunt him...and his only hope lies in the shadows of Black London, the supernatural underworld teeming with dark magic and fey glamour. Thirteen years ago, Jack Winter lay dying in a graveyard. Jack called upon a demon and traded his soul for his life. and now the demon is back to collect its due. But Jack has finally found something to live for. Her name is Pete Caldecott, and because of her, Jack's not going to Hell without a fight. Pete doesn't know about Jack's bargain, but she does know that something bigger and far more dangerous than Jack's demon is growing in the Black. Old gods are stirring and spirits are rising—and Jack doesn't stand a chance of stopping them without Pete's help.

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Рейтинг: 55

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