Arm Candy

Arm Candy

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Автор: Leigh Jo

Рубрика: Современные

Marketing whiz Jessica Howell needs some "arm candy" – a deliciously sexy man by her side to keep her married playboy boss in line. Dan Crawford fits the bill – he's handsome, discreet and available. Definitely the perfect escort for the party circuit and media blitz surrounding Jessica's hot new cosmetics campaign.Helping gorgeous Jess with her dilemma is a treat for Dan – and very tempting. Attend a few parties, exchange heated glances, kiss her senseless…pretend to be in love. Tough job? Except there's no pretense after they share one night of sizzling no-holds barred sex. Dan doesn't want to be kept at arm's length anymore. But will Jess see their hot fling leading to the real thing?Love the older Blaze novels, and have always enjoyed Jo Leigh – both of these add up to a fun read. Love the hero who is so determined! Lots of humor, great banter between Jessica and Dan. Very steamy too.

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