A Fine and Bitter Snow

Автор: Stabenow Dana

Рубрика: Прочие

Set in Alaska, Edgar Award-winner Dana Stabenow's novels combine a lush and evocative portrait of life in the frozen north with taut suspense and topnotch characters, especially the dynamic Aleutian PI Kate Shugak. A perennial bestseller regionally, Stabenow's national profile is on the rise, and with A FINE AND BITTER SNOW, she delivers the novel that can catapult her into the forefront of crime fiction today. In this latest instalment, the possibility of drilling for oil in a wildlife preserve near Kate's home has battle lines drawn, even in Kate's small community. Things heat up when a ranger at the preserve loses his job for political reasons, but when a passionate conservation spokesperson is found poisoned, the war begins in earnest. In a gripping story both entertaining and tense – not to mention timely – Dana Stabenow brings to life the beauty and the danger of living – and dying – in Alaska.

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